Total Environment After The Rain Villa Plans

Our V50 homes are different from the typical villa you would see in a gated community in more ways than one.

Intimate scale - Total Environment After The Rain Villa Floor Plan

These homes are cleverly designed to appear to be low and inviting, single level homes from the outside, and spacious duplex homes from the inside, creating an intimate scale, so that the streetscape is not dominated by large built structures. The living, dining and kitchen form a low single level structure that is visible from the street. From that level you can go either up or down half a level to the bedrooms. This also reduces the climb from the living spaces to the bedrooms to just a single flight unlike regular duplex homes where you have to climb two flights to get from one level to the other.

Natural Light - Total Environment After The Rain Floor Plans

We firmly believe that in a plot that is smaller than half an acre, it does not make good design sense to place the house separately in the middle of the plot. We are able to achieve much more by placing the home along one side, sharing a common wall with the adjacent home, and in this way, with an L shaped plan, we are able to open out almost every single space in the home, onto a nice spacious garden. This also improves the privacy between the homes significantly, by substantially increasing the distance between the windows in two adjacent homes.

Total Environment After The Rain Villas Green Roofs

Each earth sheltered home comes with a green roof that helps replace the green cover that existed before the home was built. The green roof  helps in several ways – it keeps the insides just a little cooler in summer and warmer in winter. reduces rain water run-off during the rains, improves air quality, promotes natural habitat and bio-diversity and is of course, aesthetically pleasing.